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Small Stands

At Grandstands Worldwide, we pride ourselves in providing high quality, affordable Seating for any event.

We Specialise in providing stands for small sports clubs.

We also Hire out seating to larger spectator events.

Maintenance Free


Solid engineering includes 5 years warranty for a virtually maintenance-free structure.

Long Lasting


- Galvanized steel platform
- Galvanized steel guard rail
- Galvanized steel structure
- Galvanized seat frames

UV Protected


The bucket seat ZK-9 or tip-up seat PS-09 are injection moulded polypropylene (PP) seats with UV protection for outdoor use.

Modular System


Suitable for install on grass or concrete, extra seating can be added with hired-in or purchased additions as growth requires.


All structures comply to International standards. 



Both covered and uncovered options are available for purchase

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Grandstand GWW MINI
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